Business Strategy for Values-led Brands


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How do we entice people to visit a hospitality space if nothing like it has ever existed before? 


When you live in a city – you have your home, your office, and the chaos in between. 3DEN is a new type of space – a third space – where people can go for the in-between moments of their day. With amenities designed for comfort and efficiency, an affordable and flexible pricing structure, and more green plants than people, 3DEN is a place to go when you need a place to go.


The problem? No one has ever heard of anything like this, and the ultimate benefit of having a network of locations can’t be realized with just one New York City location. Our goal in launching the flagship 3DEN location at Hudson Yards was to introduce people to the brand, drive visitors to the space, and ultimately define a new category of retail and hospitality that would set the groundwork for a successful new business and new type of urban lounge.


Impact Areas

  • Brand Positioning & Messaging

  • Audience Definitions & Consumer Research

  • Marketing Plan & Activation Strategy

  • Partnership Strategy

  • Implementation Roadmap & Hiring Support


In order to define a new product category within a crowded landscape, our discovery process was imperative.


Key Activities:

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Review of existing research and reference materials

  • Deep briefs by all involved partners & stakeholders

  • Broad competitive landscape



Consumer Research & Audience Definition

In order to define a new product category within a crowded landscape, our discovery process was imperative. By conducting stakeholder interviews, reviewing existing research and reference materials and getting deep briefs by all parties involved (brand design agency, interior designers, merchandising strategists, developer, investors, etc.) we got at the heart of the vision for this brand. We then conducted a broad competitive and comparative landscape analysis in order to understand what the market was currently providing and what gaps remained.




Positioning & Messaging Strategy

Based on the consumer insights we uncovered, we developed a strategy to position the 3DEN brand to connect with consumers in a compelling way. This strategy included messaging approaches for each of the defined audiences as well as specific copy for various types of brand communications. We also developed a detailed marketing plan with channel activation details and a partnership strategy focused on driving awareness and engagement with the flagship store.




Implementation Roadmap

We believe a strategy is only as strong as its execution so we made sure we provided 3DEN with a thorough implementation plan including budgets for the marketing department. We also determined the internal and external team requirements for launch and post-launch, wrote in-house job descriptions and vendor RFP’s, sourced partners and onboarded selected candidates and vendors.


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