Business Strategy for Values-led Brands

How can a yogurt brand stand out in a sea of fast-following competitors?


Chobani had established itself as a well-respected and trusted brand in the yogurt space but needed to evolve its innovation process in order to ensure more regular “big hit” products, reduce operational waste and – most importantly – to continue to be a leader in an increasingly competitive market.


Impact Areas

  • Brand Positioning

  • Product Innovation

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Change Management





We began by reviewing and assessing the current brand marketing and innovation pipeline. Through deep diving into the creative, business and research processes — we were able to identify areas of strength and opportunity to guide next steps.


Key Activities

  • Conducted internal stakeholder interviews

  • Analyzed brand and product performance data

  • Made multiple on-site visits to the R&D center

  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams


Research Analysis

Following our foundational audit, we organized next-level analysis and initiated new research. Our goal was to ascertain key trends and leading consumer preferences so we could better position the overall brand.


Key Activities

  • Collaborated with market research firms to deliver grocery and category-specific insights

  • Refreshed brand trackers and marketing mix reporting and mapped against historic data

  • Codified NPD research, evaluation and process tools

  • Layered new insights onto existing market observations, macrotrends, nutrition work, and sales data

Product Architecture

The learnings from our market research provided a foundation for revising the brand’s product portfolio architecture. The architecture we created included product naming, as well as guidelines for how specific attributes would be conveyed on packaging, in marketing materials, via the website, etc. This work led to and informed an award-winning brand refresh and packaging redesign.


Key Activities

  • Built revised product architecture

  • Detailed guidelines for applying product architecture and comms hierarchy across brand touchpoints incl. packaging most notably





  • Overhaul of product architecture formed foundation for award-winning brand and packaging redesign

  • Revised research processes positioned teams to make better informed decisions for effective brand marketing and product innovation hits incl. award-winning kids’ line

  • Updating martech tools incl. brand trackers and more supported better decision-making by new in-house agency and re-org’d sales teams

  • Introduced multiple new product including a drinkable yogurt that achieved >$100M sales in 1st year, putting it within Nielsen’s top 1% of new CPG product releases globally

  • Created roadmap for $250M Kids’ product platform built on deep consumer insights and market need

  • Explored other new products incl.non-dairy, low sugar, and unique formats such as squeezable

  • Exited two underperforming product platforms, saving an estimated $60M in operating costs