Business Strategy for Values-led Brands



LVG & Co. is a different kind of business consultancy.


In a time when increasing
numbers of professionals are
embracing self-employment and
small-scale service companies
are popping up everywhere,

How do you know your dime from dozen?


Brand + Strategy

Brand is the foundation of what we do. Brand is how you’re seen, perceived and received; it’s your values, your identity, your decision-making profile, your people. The way you create a great brand and bring it to life in a complex and changing world is through excellent strategy.

Yet we’re not “brand strategists” in the sense of today’s many advertising or creative agencies. What we do goes far deeper. We’re business leaders and operators: P&L Owners, Innovation Leads, Global Heads of Marketing. We don’t just deliver qual, but also quant. We don’t just talk content, but also provide real-world context. We know how things get done. We see the world from 30,000 feet and 300.


Head + Heart

We believe successful transformation occurs when teams find a balance between hard facts and passionate optimism. This is also the approach we bring to our work — a marriage of head and heart, intuition and analytics, action and communication, profit and purpose, today and tomorrow.

We tell it as it is, support our hypotheses with data, avoid recreating the wheel, and make comprehensive recommendations that help you navigate the reality ahead.  


Lean + Mean

Well, actually we’re really nice. But with a breadth and depth of experience, our small senior-level team is able to quickly climb a learning curve, adapt to changing circumstances, ask the important questions, and synthesize learnings into what matters most to you.

We enjoy tackling big meaty challenges and don’t shy away from complexity — instead focusing on delivering thoughtful feedback, real insights and practical solutions that help your business grow and transform.


“I believe that people make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy.”

-Jack Canfield, best-selling author